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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 14, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PDT

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that noise it's a rebel sound ♪ ♪ we got nowhere else to go and when the sun goes down and we fill the streets ♪ ♪ you're gonna dance 'til the morning to the rebel's beat you can take ♪ ♪ everything from me oh, yeah you can take everything from me ♪ ♪ cause this is all i need yeah, this is all i need ♪ ♪ this is all i need >> jimmy: i want to thank robert downey jr., simon pegg. i want to apologize to matt damon. tomorrow night zoe saldana, bill simmons and music from fitz & the tantrums. this is their new album. playing us off the air with
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"come to me." see the full performance at jimmy kimmel live dot com. once again goo goo dolls. good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i'll be kind if you'll be faithful you be sweet and i'll be grateful ♪ ♪ cover me with kisses dear lighten up the atmosphere keep me warm inside our bed i'll turn to you ♪ ♪ all through my head fortune tells that i'll be free that's the day you came to me ♪ ♪ oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh came to me oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh do-do-do-do-do-do-do ♪ ♪ come to me my sweetest friend can you feel my heart again i'll take you back where you belong and this will be ♪ ♪ our favorite song come to me with secrets bare i'll love you
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more so don't be scared -- tonight on "nightline" lunchtime lipo. two young women on a quest for perfection. tonight the surgery who says he'll zap their fat in a span of a lunch break. but does this speed surgery work? they created an empire by making duck noises and now they've got one of the most popular shows on television. tonight we'll visit the kingdom of red neck royalty. and end of an era. she informs and inspires millions every day. and tonight after 37 years here at abc, barbara walters, tv legacy comes to a close. we go behind the scenes of this american icon's historic farewell.
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>> keep
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thanks for staying with us tonight. if someone promised to help you slim down on your lunch break it might bring impressions of pilates and fennel. but there is a man with a special machine who promises to make your problem areas disappear in time for tomorrow night's date. to investigate here is abc's juju chang. >> this is your fat and we will make your arms look like that. >> reporter: this woman is looking to get liposuction on
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her lunch break. it's a trouble spot that plagued her since childhood. >> i feel that my arms don't slim down. >> reporter: aaron is a lipo doctor to the stars. he says come award season, celebs flock to his beverly hills office when they need fat removed fast. >> you can fit the dress to the body so much and then you have to fit the body to the dress. >> reporter: who wouldn't want jessica beal's waist. >> reporter: he says his patented air brush laser lipo technique is so much safer and precise than the crude fat extraction of the years past. >> usually you look like you are hit by a truck. >> reporter: patients remain awake during the procedure and
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can go back to work when it's over. earning the nickname lunchtime lipo. >> the triceps will be coming out there. >> reporter: over the years he has sculpted her children and carved fat from her tummy. >> my friends thought i lost weight. >> what did you tell them? >> yeah. >> after today's procedure she will be satisfied. >> this is about 90% art and 10% medicine. >> reporter: the doctor considers himself an artist. the human body, his canvas. >> when someone asked michael angelo how did you create the statue of david he said i removed the stone that didn't belong. in my case i'm removing the fat that doesn't belong. >> reporter: he is sketching his next masterpiece. she is a lipo virginut she
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hates her chin. >> i'm in front of the camera and you see yourself a lot more often than you would have ten years ago. >> reporter: and now that her website has more exposure she hopes that the doctor can enhance her online profile. >> i want you to pinch your fat right there. that will be 100% gone. it's the last time you will pinch there. exciting right? >> reporter: it's taken the doctor over 5,000 procedures to perfect his technique and now he can work on just about any part of the body. stomach, thigh, tushie, you name it. >> later i'm taking fat from an abdomen and put it in her breast. >> don't the breasts get lumpy? >> not at all. the fat that comes out is so creamy that it lets me do exactly what i want. >> reporter: the arm makeover is about to begin. first a little laughing gas.
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>> are you nervous at all? >> just waiting for it to be over. >> reporter: he injects numbing fluid into her arms. >> i'm feeling it more than you. >> reporter: and finally breaks out the fat-melting laser. >> this is moving over a thousand times a minute. do you feel anything? >> a vibration. >> you are watching it come out. what do you think? >> nasty. >> i'm feeling the fat disappear. >> as you pinch the pinch gets smaller and smaller. >> and it has a lasting emotional benefit. >> how long have your arms bothered you? >> since junior high. >> it's very encouraging and you want to go to the gym even though you are tired after work because you are excited about your results. >> why go to the gym if you can do it for me in 20 minutes?
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>> the better people look the better they want to look. >> we know how easy it looks but is it really safe? >> there is no such thing as doing anything to the body without risks especially making permanent change like this. >> reporter: but the doctor claims the risk of infection or complications are roughly equivalent to getting a tooth pulled. but laser assisted lipo carries a risk of deformity. >> people have died from liposuction. >> absolutely. it usually happens with older techniques under general anesthesia which has its own risk factors and complications. that sound you're hearing is the sound of empty arm. >> it has been about 45 minutes and the doctor removed a soda can amount of fat. he charges between $3,000 and
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$10,000 depending on the procedure. >> you are your own worst critic. i guess you are never happy. >> does that mean you will never be happy? >> now i have skinny arms. now i'm done. now it's just hitting the gym and sticking to my diet. >> after a few minutes recovering just as advertised, she is back at her desk. she is a pro. >> what is that line for? >> this is a no-fly zone. >> but his next patient has jitters. >> there is a nefb rve we don't want to touch. >> reporter: nothing a few tranquilizers can't solve. >> take the blue pill. >> does this hurt? >> it looks like a more delicate surgery. >> definitely. every millimeter counts. >> you can sit up.
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you can shake it. whatever you want to do. >> after 20 minutes of mild discomfort, jamie is zone. the worst part is this chin strap to manage welling. >> my biggest concern is going to the pharmacy. >> the doctor assures her the swelling will go down. a authority three weeks later it's the new jamie. she is posting pictures of her chin on facebook. >> they are excited for me and slightly jealous too. >> here are blanca's new arms. >> there is not much more he can do with blanca. but he is on the hunt for fresh meat. >> i try not to bring my work home with me. but occasion i "l"ally i see a chin and i'm like can you come in. >> don't look at my arms.
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way back in the olden days of television the clampetts needed to strike scripted oil. but in the reality age a family needs natural characters and enough cameras to follow them
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around to strike unscripted tv gold. case in point the robertsons of "duck dynasty" fame. they have exploded into zeitgeisty stars and matt gutman went down to louisiana to find out how. >> the quack pack has landed. >> we are on the doorstep of history being made. >> reporter: meet the robertson family. >> i'm the ceo of the business. >> reporter: willie. >> call me a quack. >> reporter: jase. >> keeps the blood flowing. >> reporter: jep. >> all of my stories are 95% truthful. >> reporter: uncle si and phil. a red neck louisiana hunter who invented this duck call and hatched a multimillion dollar golden egg. "duck dynasty's" third season crack at investigate tv
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attracted 9.6 million viewers, making it the most watched show on tv that night, networks included. they have become the unlikely rock stars of the south appearing at the american academy of country music awards. it began 30 years ago when phil began a tiny operation selling duck calls. quackers so good that when used -- >> they lock the wings and come back. >> reporter: the magic call has made the family multimillionaires. >> but to hang with them i needed a major makeunder. >> you have to be red neckified. quacking like a duck is harder than it looks.
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>> reporter: the robertsons hang out near a camouflaged treehouse waiting for just the right moment. >> not bad, boys. >> reporter: and basically never miss. it's one of the reasons that they are not just celebrities but bearded deities, phrased, photographed and adored. >> you are selling how many duck calls before march of last year. >> about 60,000 in the year before the show started. >> reporter: and now? >> 350,000. >> reporter: and they keep coming. these folks came from kansas. >> kansas. >> reporter: but the real genius of the show, they don't have to do much. kind of like "seinfeld" in a way. it's a show about nothing. >> every time i watch -- >> it's about nothing. >> "seinfeld" is one of my favorite shows ever. >> reporter: oh,
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but that's what i love about that show. but it's stuff that happens to us all the time. so this business is a lot like that. >> reporter: these guys? and using the humor of "seinfeld"? but the draw is the odd ball family members and good-natured humor. >> she's lucky she don't have a prostate like i do. >> too much information. hush. >> reporter: but the most entertaining is country oracle, si and his tall tales. >> we're going to tie them up. >> i play hard and nap hard. i seldom work hard. >> reporter: the robertsons take it upon themselves to countri
12:56 am
countrify me. including eating. we'll spare you the rest of the details. next up target practice at jep's house. >> that's my water. >> reporter: it's not duck season yet. flying water bottles will have to do. oh, nice. two for three. that ain't bad. >> reporter: i'm matt gutman for "nightline" in monroe, louisiana. >> i feel heroic right now. >> got to grow that beard, matt. next we're behind the scenes with barbara walters as she announces the end of her epic career.
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by itself, a moment spent dancing with a u.s. president or grilling a powerful tyrant would be enough to define a career in df television news. but for barbara walters that is a busy week. there will be another like her. which is why her announcement this morning marks a milestone far beyond this building. >> reporter: a rare glimpse into her dressing room, a television icon about to break another headline. >> i'm so impressed you put on a suit and tie. >> reporter: and we asked how she is feeling. >> it's how i'm going to feel then and everybody says what are you going to do next? i don't know.
1:03 am
>> rthg about it is a ground breaking run. back on "the today show" she became the co-host and then of course creating "the view" but she will walk away from all the cameras a year from now. and she wanted the crew to hear it from her first. why? it's time. i want to leave while people say we'll miss her instead of is she still here? people say who is your mentor? i didn't have any. today young women say i grew up watching you, i think that's my legacy. >> reporter: she defined the big get. fidel castro. do you feel funny crossing the bay of pigs with an american. >> reporter: and her tough questions for syria's president
1:04 am
asad. >> you always show up and never get sick and don't go to the bathroom. that means you missed the interview. >> reporter: and the president of abc disney television. >> the number of people she got to speak their truth in front of the camera is astounding. >> reporter: but all this time, one person waiting. >> what does your daughter say to you about this decision? >> there are times i feel i should have been with my daughter. i think every working mother has those days. but i think she wants me to stop working now and spend more time with her. and i will. >> reporter: and about not having a mentor. >> are there women you look up to now? >> i'm proud of diane and close to her and robin who has shown us all the kind of courage that so many of us really need. >> reporter: backstage the tv ear piece and she was off. >> let me just say that -- take a breath.
1:05 am
a year from now, i plan to retire from appearing on television at all. >> reporter: right there her co-hosts and viewers and boss, the ceo of disney. >> i was asked to deliver something to your dressing room. there you were. i was rather embarrassed. you were nice and asked what did i do. and from then on you called me jim. my name is bob. >> thank you, jim. >> reporter: but amid the laughter, a thank you to the viewers. >> we have been together a long time. my cup runth over. i thank you. >> cannot imagine this building or business without her. congrats, barbara. and time now for tonight's closing arguments. today president obama vowed to